{About Me}

My name is Jennie Larsen and I have a love for photography. All though this is a new journey for me and I will work at perfecting my skill through photography classes and courses, I truly love taking pictures and I believe I have a great eye for it.
 I find beauty and greatness in all things in life. Everything from the mountains and sunsets, to family gatherings, and goodbye departures, from chocolate covered cake faces to water balloon fights, from laughter to wedding bliss, from wrinkles of wisdom to miracles of birth, and everything in between. 

The world and the people in our world surrounding us daily, are all just waiting to be captured. I truly enjoy capturing all things beautiful, sweet, genuine, "LUXE", and "Simply" priceless. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.
 I hope that you find my pictures moving, touching, inspiring, and "Simply- "lUXE"- luxe  (lks, lks)
1. The condition of being elegantly sumptuous.